1. Changes to the submitted repertoire will require the permission of the Competition Administration. NO CHANGES WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER 1ST JUNE 2018.
  2. When submitting their chosen repertoire applicants must include full details of all works, including the full titles, opus numbers (or K number / D number / Hob number, etc.) and timings.
  3. The Jury reserves the right to stop competitors who exceed the time limit allocated.
  4. Repeats may be included or omitted at the applicant's discretion, bearing in mind the time limits specified.
  5. Performances of unpublished works will not be allowed.
  6. All works performed during the Competition must be played from memory.
  7. Competitors are advised to make full use of the time allowed in the Competition. The Jury will take the choice of programme and use of time into consideration.
  8. Competitors unable to perform when required may be disqualified. In the case of illness or accident, a medical certificate must be provided and the Jury may, at its discretion, change the order of the competitor's appearance.
  9. The Competition will be open to the general public and may be broadcast live or recorded on radio, television or film for future transmission in the U.K. and/or abroad.
  10. Any applicant giving inaccurate or misleading information will be disqualified.


Category A

15 minutes of free repertoire


Category B

20 minutes of free repertoire


Category C

1st Round – 15 minutes

1. Virtuosic Etude
2. The first movement of a Sonata by Clementi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert.


Final Round – 25-30 minutes

Free choice of programme. Works from the 1st Round can not be included.


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